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    Many people love going down to the sea in boats. You might be a weekend fisher-person or sailor. You might enjoy water-skiing on the river or lake. You could even be a serious ocean-going yachting person. There are so many ways to enjoy getting out on the water.
    But no matter which type of sailing craft you desire, there are specialist finance companies which deal specifically with financing marine purchases. And the experts at Brokers Ink with their many valuable contacts in the finance world are able to find a deal which best suits your nautical needs.

    Yachts are a popular craft for the whole family. They are great fun for the whole family you can spend time relaxing on board by the bank or enjoy the different parts of the ocean or river as the boat moves from place to place. If this type of lifestyle is something you fancy, talk to Brokers Ink about obtaining the new boat loan which will make your sailing dreams come true.

    Different types of yacht finance

    The obvious choice is a straight loan from a marine finance specialist and the experts at Brokers Ink know many such lenders. Obviously the amount you wish to borrow and your current financial position will need to be taken into account but there are certainly alternatives and all will be explained once you contact Brokers Ink.

    You could obtain a yacht loan and Brokers Ink can demonstrate how the terms of such a loan might be better for you than a standard type of boat loan. Or you could refinance your mortgage. If you’ve been paying your mortgage for a number of years, you might want to consider restructuring the loan. You might be able to borrow against the growing equity in your home. The dedicated team at Brokers Ink can explain how each of these options work and give you a simple but detailed explanation of your options. You are then in a strong position to choose the option which best suits your needs.    

    Set sail tomorrow

     One of the top qualities of the outstanding service provided by Brokers Ink is the speed with which they respond to your enquiry. When you make your application either online, by phone or by fax, you will in most cases get a response the next day. All being well you could be studying your charts and weighing anchor in next to no time.

    How can a finance manager help

    Having over 30 or more banks and other financial lending institutions available to our managers allows them the diversity to shop around for the best possible finance package for you! Please use our online loan calculators on every page of our website to estimate your approximate repayments.

    Finance Information

    If you require further Yacht Finance assistance either complete our Enquiry Form or call an experienced loan consultant on 1300 550 171 today.7am-7pm-7days a week.

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