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    As Australian Mortgage Brokers, we take into account all aspects of your mortgage requirements. We will make recommendations on the best home loans Australia wide for your specific circumstances. We can advise if you are eligible for Low Doc Finance, for example if you are self-employed or have had a previous history of poor credit. We take a look at the finance histories and projected incomes of each new borrower with no prejudice. Even if you think that you have been rejected in the past, don’t let that stop you from contacting us, especially if your financial circumstances have changed.

    People often fall into the trap of believing that they can never get a home loan and therefore continue paying rent, which is often far more substantial. Until you’ve actually gone through the process of trying to establish a new loan, you may not know what requirements are needed. For instance, being rejected for a personal loan or car finance in the past is no reason that an application for Low Doc finance or an investment loan will be rejected according to your present financial situation.

    For example, you may have been single in the past, with no partner to help contribute to the mortgage repayments. Or, your children are now older and have moved away – no longer a financial burden on you. These new aspects of your financial obligations will be taken into account by our trusty lenders. Your very own home could be in your grasp sooner than you know it.

    If you’re looking for home loans, we have experts in every type of loan product, from Low Doc Car Loans to commercial loans and we can also provide assistance with the First Home Owners Grant. Save yourself time and complete the apply online form.


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