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  • Refinance your Home Loan  

    Have you taken out a home loan and been making repayments for several years. Because financial circumstances change, chances are your mortgage could do with a change too. One way to do that is to Refinance your Home Loan.

    Over the years the economy of the country will have changed and your personal economic situation may well have changed too. A typical home loan can last for 25 years and a lot can happen in that time. Every borrower should consider regularly checking the value they are getting from their current loan.

    Has your position changed.

    You may have come into some money from an inheritance. Your fixed rate term maybe ending. You may have decided to retire. If your financial situation or plans have changed, changing your home loan is an option.

    You may wish to take a major holiday, buy a new car or renovate your home. You could of course take out a personal loan or, alternatively, you could refinance your mortgage.

    Mortgage Refinancing

    Brokers Ink consultants are experts in mortgage refinancing. We know about helping to restructure your loan for a better financial outcome. We know about using the equity in your home to help you do the things you’d like to do now or in the future.

    Of course you could take out a personal loan but a much better deal could well be achieved by looking at your current home loan and working on that.

    Likewise you may need finance for your small business. Again because of your excellent customer/lender relationship and the equity you have created in your home, you could raise the funds for your business needs by returning to your tried and trusted mortgage and refinancing through that.

    That’s where Brokers Ink consultants are so helpful. We know the mortgage refinance possibilities in every detail. We know the many and the best ways to help you realize your dreams.

    Financial solutions

    Every loan, every plan, every borrower is unique. The key is to find the solution which gives you the best product at the best price. Brokers Ink has a simple online application facility.

    We can examine your present mortgage and prepare a range of financial possibilities to help you achieve your goals. From refinancing your mortgage to raising funds using your well-established mortgage, Brokers Ink knows all the financial solutions. The right one for you is guaranteed because of our expertise and experience. Please utilize our online calculators to estimate your repayments.

    And making contact with Brokers Ink and receiving quality service in a prompt and professional manner is the hallmark of our business.

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