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    Low Doc and No Doc LoansOne thing is certain in life and that is that we are not all the same. This is clearly seen when people set out to obtain a loan. Some will be reasonably well-off to begin with, some will have had the same steady job for many years and some will have successfully applied for a loan on different occasions in the past.
    Then there are people who have never applied for a Low Doc Home Loan, who do not have many assets or who have been in and out of various jobs in recent years.

     Lending authorities review applications on individual terms. Banks ask a series of questions to establish if they are willing to lend money to each applicant. Sometimes this means that some applicants are hard done by. There are occasions when some banks and other lenders reject an application for a loan.

    Brokers Ink deals with clients from every walk of life and with every type of background. Our vast experience means that every client will be given the greatest range of lending options available.

    Financial solutions for unusual situations

    If a person is self-employed, it may be that their income varies from year to year. Or they may have a stable job as an employee but have not been in that job for every long. Both these prospective borrowers could well be rejected for a traditional home loan. But there are alternatives; other types of loans and sources of finance.

    Low Doc and No Doc lenders are willing to offer loans to borrowers who do not meet the usual or traditional requirements for a loan. Low doc loans can be obtained for not just home loans but also for other purposes such as cars and commercial loans and even for investors.

    Low Doc Finance and No Doc Finance

    Brokers Ink is able to source two types of loans for borrowers who do not meet the usual requirements. Low Doc and No Doc loans are available providing finance outside the normal requirements of lending. Working with their mortgage brokers, Brokers Ink is able to source funds for clients in unusual circumstances.

    Borrowers are asked to sign a statutory declaration vouching that they will make the repayments as per the contract. And while these unconventional loans exist, they are not available for every type of loan. Thats where the expertise and experience at Brokers Ink proves so helpful. We can assist you find the right loan even if you do not meet the criteria for a conventional loan.


    Whatever your background or current financial situation, contact Brokers Ink who know all there is to know about traditional and non-traditional sources of finance.

    How can a Low Doc finance manager help

    Having over 30 or more banks and other financial lending institutions available to our managers allows them the diversity to shop around for the best possible finance package for you. We know which Low Doc and No Doc lender are best for you. Please use our online loan calculators on every page of our website to estimate your approximate repayments.

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