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    Many people today see property as both a safe and a profitable place in which to invest. Brokers Ink has many clients who have chosen to become property investors. It may be for an income stream today or as part of a retirement plan in the future or both. In Australia the majority of mortgages are taken out by either owner-occupiers or by investors.We are able to help both with all their finance needs.

    Different types of investment loans

    While the principle of purchasing an investment property is the same, there are several ways to structure your home loans for such an investment. Because Brokers Ink is a specialist in investment finance, we know all the options available and have access to a wide range of appropriate lenders.

    What is vital for all investors is to make an informed choice. Brokers Ink provides all the information you need to make such a choice.

    Do you need a standard investment loan involving principal and interest or a loan structured so as to be interest only? Brokers Ink can provide all the details for the various loan possibilities and match them with your needs and resources.

    A property investment portfolio

    Some investors choose to increase the number of properties in which they have made an investment. Once they have started their portfolio, additional investments can be easier because of the equity established in current properties. Lenders are often more receptive to successful investors seeking to add to their list of properties.

    Funds may also be resourced due to the equity in the investor’s owner-occupied property. And if an extra investment requires short-term finance, Brokers Ink is an expert in arranging bridging finance as well. We are aware of possible problems which may occur with settlement dates and can provide all the necessary information to allow any investor to make the best choice. Bridging finance does come with higher than normal interest rates but is a definite option for any short-term finance requirement.

    What about your own home.

    Brokers Ink can assist any investor who is considering mortgage refinancing. Every investor will have one or more home loans and it may be time to take a look at these loans and possibly refinance them. We are specialists in this area. Brokers Ink constantly deals with refinancing loans and can assist every investor and would-be investor in landing the best financial package for their portfolio.

    How can a finance manager help.

    Having over 30 or more banks and other financial lending institutions available to our managers allows them the diversity to shop around for the best possible finance package for you! Please use our online loan calculators on every page of our website to estimate your approximate repayments.

    Finance Information.

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    Investment loans require specialist assistance either complete our Enquiry Form or call an experienced loan consultant on 1300 550 171 today.7am-7pm-7days a week.


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