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    Those of us in Australia who have the money and choose to purchase a vehicle outright are the lucky ones; for many, the only way to secure a vehicle is through financing. Vehicle financing is as varied as the vehicles being financed, and this can cause many problems for people who are inexperienced. Car Loans can be complicated, and this can lead to problems such as paying too much interest, high repayments and unexpected exit fees, not understanding and failing to comply with your loan commitments, or not being able to obtain loans due to impaired credit.

    Finance Brokers are experts are not simply middle men. They provide services which make the commercial vehicle loan landscape easier to understand, and do the difficult work of finding the cheapest and most suitable financing on the customer’s behalf. Such services are so important that there has recently been an increase in demand for finance professionals and brokers in Sydney, Melbourne and other metropolitan areas.

    Who We Are

    Customers, who suffer from not understanding car loans or people simply looking for a service to secure the right loan for personal requirements, benefit greatly by using an expert financial brokers service like ourselves. We are Brokers Ink Finance, independent Australian finance brokers, and we are a specialist car finance broker operating across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, actually Australia wide. We also offer truck, boat, yacht, vehicle and property financing and insurance.

    We have established ourselves as Australian car loan provider industry leaders in recent times thanks to our portfolio of partnered loan providers, our attention to customer service, the expertise we provide for customers seeking the best deals they can, our fast loan turnaround from application to completion. Our buying power has remained strong and is always increasing, and this is the reason why we are able to offer our large customer base the best possible finance options and rates, with millions in finance provided to these customers each year.

    We offer car loans for all purposes and to suit your particular financial needs. Tailored loans help customers lease a car, or purchase a new or used car for business use. Our assistance is designed to clarify and inform you and to provide the best options available. We provide financial tools such as loan repayment calculators to help customers see the affect interest rates have on  their monthly loan payments, so they can plan ahead and obtain a loan which is transparent, and most importantly, which they can afford to pay back.

    Employment Openings – Join us now!

    Brokers Ink Finance is experiencing growth, and Brokers and Insurance experts are wanted to fill this expansion across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. If you are looking for finance broker jobs on a permanent contract basis, then we would like to hear from you. In the first instance please visit the ‘contact-us’ page to get in contact with us. Or for more information please feel free to call 1300 550 171 and discuss this opportunity.


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