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  • Rural Finance  

    Brokers Ink offers its outstanding brokerage service to clients wherever they live in Australia and particularly so to primary producers, to people working in agribusiness and those connected with the land. A rural or regional location makes no difference as you will receive the same outstanding service as do those in Australia’s towns and cities.

    Brokers Ink has its own rural finance service. We can arrange used equipment finance for those on the land who are seeking funds for any number of purposes. Our services can help you in all of the following areas.

    Finance for all these purposes for rural Australians

    • Off farm investment purposes
    • Mortgages
    • Loans for property
    • Motor vehicles
    • Upgrade farm equipment loans
    • Loans for new plant and equipment
    • Refinance your mortgage
    • Finance for capital infrastructure
    • Loans for working capital
    • Purchase of livestock


    Rural clients have special needs

    At Brokers Ink we understand that earning your living on the land has many potential and real difficulties. Weather fluctuations for one can mean the difference between a feast and famine when it comes to crop returns. That’s why we deal with rural lenders, finance companies which know the way business operates in the bush. In the country, flexibility is essential. The finance providers we deal with are able to tailor a loan package to suit your individual requirements. There’s no such thing as one size fits all. We share your vision for the future and plan your finance solutions accordingly.

    And if you do live in rural Australia, that makes no difference if you are seeking finance in such areas as the first home owners grant or Lo Doc finance. We can arrange finance for each and every financial purpose you may have.

    New farm equipment

    Farmers need new equipment at various times. New equipment can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Increased yields can mean increased profits but do you have the plant and equipment to handle the work? Is your workforce being economically employed? Would they be more efficient with new equipment? And once you decide to upgrade or invest, the question of finance becomes a top priority.

    Brokers Ink can advise on the different financial options available to you be it a loan, a lease or other option. Brokers Ink is a specialist in finding the best result for your unique situation.

    Distance is no problem

    At Brokers Ink we deal with professional lenders who know the needs of Australian farmers and those who work with them. We are easy to contact by phone, fax or email and there’s no waiting with our prompt and efficient service. By phone simply request a Brokers Ink consultant return your call and it will be done.

    Regardless of where you live and regardless of your financial need – home loan, car loan, agribusiness or farm loan related loan – Brokers Ink has the knowledge and experience to find the ideal solution for your financial needs. You can even apply online.

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