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    Australia they say rides or did ride on the back of its sheep and so much of our economy depends on the work of those on the land. And times can be tough for all farmers when battling drought and floods not to mention uncertainty in economic conditions.

    Efficiency equals success

    Costs play such a vital part in farm production today. Farmers are always looking at new ways they can improve their bottom line. Using farm workers in a more efficient way is often dependent on the type of farm machinery they are using. So when a farmer decides to invest in a new tractor or harvester, the first question to ask is about the cost. How will the farmer pay for this used equipment loans? Brokers Ink should be your first port of call. We know the various ways to fund the purchase of new equipment. Our service is provided nationwide. We deal with rural customers all over Australia. Possible equipment finance options. Once you have chosen the equipment, the question then concerns the method of raising the finance. Brokers Ink experts know all the possibilities and the benefits of each. Giving you the required information to make an informed choice.

    Farm equipment finance negative and positives:

    Two major possibilities are:

    A farm equipment finance arrangement or

    A lease

    A major benefit of dealing with Brokers Ink is our ability to clearly explain the financial options. Brokers Ink will evaluate your requirements and then explain the benefits of your different options. Leasing for example, can allow you to obtain the equipment and improve your productivity while at the same time maintaining your basic capital. Many business operators use a combination of business loans and leasing. Knowing how this and all finance raising methods work is the foundation of Brokers Ink.

    Many farmers have an accountant and Brokers Ink will work with both the farmer and their accountant to create a financial package which is the best for every individual.

    Experience and efficiency

    Brokers Ink has the experience of dealing with those on the land having helped farmers throughout Australia continue to grow their business. And as time is so precious and important, Brokers Ink is famous for the speed with which it responds to all enquiries. You can contact Brokers Ink by phone, fax or on line. If you call you can ask for a Brokers Ink finance expert to return your call. There’s no waiting but there is a guarantee of professional service giving the best information available.





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