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    Instructions for the correct use of the calculator.

    1. Firstly input your name
    2. Correct Post Code
    3. Preferred Contact number
    4. Active email address
    5. Estimated Loan amount.
    6. Loan term in months ( 5 years=60 months)
    7. Now estimate an accurate interest rate.

    Please read before you utilize our calculator. Interest rates vary according to many different circumstances. I will attempt to explain some of the variables that affect the Loan Rates.

    • Past Lending history (this is a big one) if your previous loan was paid on time every time EXPECT a low interest rate. For example under 10%. Not so good repayment history 13-15%. Multiple defaults require additional investigation and explanation but as an estimate expect figures above 15%.
    • The age of the Vehicle | Boat | Equipment you are buying is another big factor. As a general rule new to one year old attracts the lowest rates. Rates will rise with the age of the vehicle.
    • Another factor you should be aware of is cars loans are considered a necessity and therefore they attract a lower rate than Boats | Jet Ski | Trucks and Equipment.

    These are the three explanations I prefer to provide when asked about loan rates. There are many others but hopefully this will allow you to estimate a more accurate rate for the calculator.

    *Please use the Car Loan Repayment Calculators as an indication of your expected loan repayment amount only. Please call to receive an accurate quote.


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